Who was the best “Mr.Irrelevant”?

I saw a man beaten and burnt alive.
I heard the cries of an infant bubble into silence as its skull was crushed under heel.
I saw the terror and exhaustion of a daughters face as she was raped by her father.
I heard the gasps of an animal fighting for air after being shot in the lung point blank.
I saw the skin of a man bubble and melt off the bone.
I heard a man beg for his life while having his jaw cut off.
I saw a child born and beheaded along with its mother.
I heard a woman scream and cry in pain as she was gang-raped and then shot.
I saw two boys kill each other.
I heard a man suffocate another man with a bag.
I saw the limbs of men ripped apart in explosion.
I heard the thump and whine of an animal hitting concrete as it was thrown against a wall repeatedly.

I am patient and persistent.

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